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This Spring Lake Village CT. website has been developed and posted by
The Software Establishment LLC.


Submit you request for an advertisement.

Submit Advertising

There are 4 ways that you get exposure on this site:

  • The way the main advertisement work is there are 4 on each page. The 4 are picked at random. Every time a new page is viewed 4 random advertisements are displayed.

  • When and if we are able to send emails to residents the 10 word email advertisement will be added to the end of the email. This is an email authentication issue.

  • You will be added to the services directory.

  • And finally you will have a section in the advertiser section that describes your services.


If a viewer hits on any of the web items or the link in the email you may direct the site to:

  • Go to your website

  • Or better yet have a Spring Lake Village Landing Page on your site. We would be happy to work with you on this.

  • Open an email for the Resident to communicate with you.


What I need from you is:

  • A 300 x 150 dpi graphic like the ones on the site, only with your logo and key words.

  • A 10 word description for the services directory.

  • A 10 word description for the email advertisements.

  • A 250 word description for the Advertising page to describe the services you provide.

  • Finally, you can add a 10 word special that will go with the advertisement.


The first 3 months after the site is fully up are free.
There after the cost will be $100 per year or $30 per quarter.

Advertising is presented to the viewer on a random basis. There are 4 advertisements on each webpage. A few pages have no advertising. Advertising will be appended to reminder email for residents. The first three month of advertising is free. Thereafter advertising is $25.00 per quarter.

When a user clicks on an advertisement the link can be to:
  • Your website, possible a landing page

  • An email with the customers request

  • Or we will provide a page with your sales and contact information


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