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Notices for Spring Lake Village, CT.


Below is a schedule for Spring Lake Village. Please realize that this schedule may fluctuate depending on work completed on a given day and the weather. The concrete repairs for the sidewalks and steps off Blueberry Court will be done separately as this work is located in a different area of the complex.

On Thursday of this week, the seven catch basins and two pallets of catch basin block will be delivered to Spring Lake. The area for delivery will be previously marked.

Monday, 06/30/14:
Begin repairing of catch basins
Jackhammering and removal of garage floor (Units 153-154)

Tuesday, 07/01/14:
Grinding of asphalt roadway and driveways
Pouring of concrete floors in garage bays (Units 153-154)
Removal of islands for additional parking

Wednesday, 07/02/14:
Continue working on catch basins
Continue grading and compacting

Thursday, 07/03/14:
Begin installation of asphalt binder

Friday, 07/04/14:

Monday, 07/07/14:
Complete binder course
Install curbing

Tuesday, 07/08/14:
Begin final course of asphalt

Wednesday, 07/09/14:
Continue with final course of asphalt



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