Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions by the residents and hopefully some answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Notice: This website section was developed with the assistance of the Spring Lake Village President and Members of the Board of Directors. However the website and its owners disclaim any responsibility for any financial damages arising from its use. The condo owners and others must independently verify all claims, process, actions, and activities.
Notice: Remember when you are engaging a contractor to get a written estimated and possibly a contact. The Connecticut Department of Commerce suggests this for the contactor as well.
Notice: Changes to the outside of your Condo or Garage require that the owner provide all maintenance and upkeep. And this responsibility passes on the any new owner unless the change is removed.

  • 1. What’s the status of garage doors?
    All of the condo owners in a garage complex need to agree to install doors. Cost per door is estimated at: $600 - $700 per door. But get a new estimate before you start. Wood and Wood seem to be the contactor to contact and they sometimes bring in an outside vendor.

  • 2. Process for installing patios?
    Submit an application with the specification to the board. This application should have a sketch and a list of materials.

  • 3. Adding Electricity to you garage unit for electric cars?
    This must be at your own expense. list of installers.

  • 4. Energy Audit?
    The apparently cost $70. A link will be posted later.

  • 5. Stair Lifts; Where, Who, How, How Much? Research?
    Working on an answer.

  • 6. Condo Inspection requirements; Furnaces, Fire, Drier Vents, ours was real dirty and they can cause a fire the technician said. Others?
    Working on completing an answer.

  • 7. Labeling inside condo; Pipes, Battery Installation date.
    A good idea, more information later

  • 8. Procedure for vacations?
    Working on an answer.

  • 9. Trash times? How Trash works? Dumpster availability? Boxes disposal?
    Working on an answer Dumpster May and September

  • 10. Extra Trash Pick up?
    Working on an answer.

  • 11. Gutter Heaters. Installation cost, Running cost?
    Gavin said that his ice melt cable had worked very well and he estimated it cost him about $76 a month for electricity. Cost Gathering Answers

  • 12. Process for reporting a problem. $35.00 to send a maintenance person out.
    XXXXXGathering Answers

  • 13. Rent Social Hall, Use Social Hall?
    Gathering answers.

  • 14. Fire Department Visits 860 621 3202 ext 140 Free batteries, change the batteries every 6 months
    Formatting details

  • 15. Moving Check List.
    Gathering Check List.

  • 16. Medical Check List by Police department?
    Gathering Materials

  • 17. Gardening?
    Look at the Activities Gardening and the Rules and Regulation for guidance.



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