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About Us.

Spring Lake Village Adult Condos in Southington CT
Offers active adults 55 and over anything they might desire in a home with so much more. With over 640 units, spread out over a 22 acre well landscaped area offering indoor and outside activities.


This site has been developed by TSELLC a small company located in Southington, CT. 

TSELLC's Mission & Vision

We have a challenging and inspiring mission to utilize the web to provide the commercial recovery the world economy needs.

Our vision is to use the web for more.  The potential of the web has just been scratched.  We want to dig a little deeper.  Lets make the world a little greener, a little friendlier, and a little easier to live in.

We are a virtual company first out of  necessity and finally out of choice.  The advantage of a virtual company is that it can expand and contract as the situation requires.  For the customer that means a better value for the services required.  It's also good for the environment, as travel is greatly reduced.

Our company is a little like a box of crayons.  You can pick up the parts you need and leave the rest in the box.  You only need to pay for the ones you use.  And we have very competitive rates for our Crayons.



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